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Locksmiths are often called in for rekey service. Rekeying of locks means replacing the existing tumblers and pins with new ones that can work the new key. This step ensures that the old key becomes dysfunctional and cannot be used on this lock anymore. This is one of the most sought after service because it is the quickest and the cheapest way to upgrade the security of your premises without the need for complete replacement. Locksmith Service Manassas VA is a leading provider of rekey service in Manassas, VA area.

Advantages of rekeying your locks:

Locksmith Service Manassas VA Manassas, VA 703-253-7744When you get your locks rekeyed, you feel confident about your security arrangements and key management. By rekeying your old locks, you can prevent:

  • Former tenant access into your property
  • Picking of locks by intruders
  • Unauthorized access or exit in your premises
  • Sabotage of locks by using other key
  • Security lapses
  • Expensive lock replacement costs

Should you replace or rekey locks?

If you feel that your home is not as protected as you would want it to be or worry that your previous tenant has not given up all the keys, then rekey service is the best option for you. By rekeying the locks, you can completely eliminate the possibility of opening it with another key. In fact, it also disables a master key, if there is any. Locks rekeying service is the most affordable and effective way to regain the control and security of your premises. We can easily rekey your locks and ensure that the new keys work as good as the old ones.

Why you need professional help?

Did you just recently move into a new home and feel anxious that the previous homeowners may have the master key? You can allay those fears by rekeying the locks and purging the risk of an unapproved access. However, it is important to know that rekeying may seem simple theoretically but it is a complex process that cannot be carried out by watching a DIY tutorial. You will need a professional who can safely rekey your locks and ensure that the job has been done properly.

Locksmith Service Manassas VA is only just a phone call away and can provide you the desired service as per your convenience in Manassas, VA. So what are you waiting for? Dial 703-253-7744 now and discuss your rekey requirements with us.